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Web Usability

The home page of your Web site, is the most critical page. When your prospects, and customers arrive on your home page, they need to immediately find a link allowing them to start their scenario they came for. If your home page doesn’t provide such an entry, then they leave the site and you missed a business opportunity.   Benefit from our large experience in designing effective home pages by understanding how easily and at lowest costs, you can turn your home page into an effective entry portal for your site visitors to let them start navigating immediately your site instead of loosing... Read Publication
Analyst: Steve Telleen   Issue:  How to effectively communicate design requirements between business and the development team?   Response: An issue which has not been given much attention is how Web site business owners communicate with their design group, be it internal or an external agency. Too often the interchange is cursory consisting of a high-level list of functions the owners want the Web site to perform supplemented by questions about the desired style or image asked by the design firm.   The result is a Web site that is heavy on traditional marketing design containing a few... Read Publication
Analyst: Nicolas Bürki   Issue: What is the value of Web Site Design Best Practices for new Web site development?.   Response  Web design best practices serve primarily as a decision tool to reduce time for agreement on the new site design. Best practices allow the Web steering committee to explore proven and successful design options.   At this discovery stage, the value of best practices is to sensibilize the Web team about successful design practices.   The sensibilization phase targets to eliminate the individual team member's visions, which deviate too radically from proven design... Read Publication
Issue: What pitfalls should companies avoid on their Web, Intranet or portal home pages?    Response The home page of a Web site, Intranet or portal is the most important page. It should tell site visitors, what they can do precisely deeper in the site or at least inform them, what they may be able to expect. However, in most cases, the home page is just a compromise to satisfy internal politics and neglecting site visitors' needs. To set up an effective homepage that matches corporate objectives and user's expectations the following pitfalls should be avoided:   Home Page Design Mistake #1... Read Publication