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Privacy Policy

Collection of Personal Information
The personal information collected by effbis is your contact information such as name, first name, organisation, title, country, email address of those who want to contact us or to provide feedback about our research, Web site and about any other items, and only for the purpose of contacting you concerning your feedback, inquiries or comments. Once a person has provided her/his contact information, (s)he can have the contact information removed from our list at anytime by contacting us.
Sharing and Use by Third Parties
We do not share our visitors' personal information with other companies or organizations, nor do we sell the information to other companies or organizations. The effbis Web site does have links to third party sites where we do not have control over the collection and use of personal information. Visitors are advised to check the privacy policies of these sites for acceptability when they visit them.
Managerial and Technical Security
Only the person who maintains the contact information list has access to the contact list. The contact information list is maintained on a computer that is separate from the computer hosting the Web site.
Privacy Policy Updates
If changes are made to this privacy policy, the email addresses on our list (the effected parties) will be notified that the change is about to occur. We will always retain the option for our subscribers to have their names removed from the list at anytime.
Use of Cookies, Web Beacons & Other Automatic Data Collection Techniques
We do not use cookies, web beacons or other automatic techniques to collect information about people visiting our site. The only information collected requires a conscious action on the part of the site visitor.
Privacy Policy Contact
If you have questions about the effinfo privacy policy, contact: