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Intranet & B2E Portals

What kinds of Intranet /Portal content top the "Must Have" list for market leaders? We polled 50 major European companies (cross-industry) to determine what information they provide on their intranets or portals. Major findings include......
Analyst: Nicolas Buerki   Issue: Is there any value to provide non-company related information on the corporate Intranet or portal home page?   Response  Non-corporate related information on intranets or portals, such as weather forecast, general stock news, or any other non-business supporting information can increase business efficiency. Many companies however, dedicate too much space on their Intranet or portal home page for it, wasting valuable space to link to business content and tools that improve employees’ productiveness. Intranet and portal owners should keep at least two third of... Read Publication
Analyst: Nicolas Bürki   Issue: How to prioritize content and determine where to link it on an Intranet or portal?   Response  Intranet and portal steering committees face a multitude of challenges when it comes to making decisions about online content. First of all, they must determine which content to provide. Then, they need to develop a linking strategy and establish taxonomy-system of categorization.   The Cost and Business Matrix can help committees prioritize, while at the same time serving as a guide for assessing and optimizing links from home and sub-home pages to content across... Read Publication
Analyst: Nicolas Bürki   Issue: What are the effective compromises in supporting multi-languages on a global Intranet?   Response:  Companies with a global Intranet may decide to provide country or regional sub sites in other languages. However, if the Intranet steering committee investigates the costs for initial translation and ongoing translation during operation as compared to the company's business needs, the committee abandons in many cases the plan for multilingual support on the Intranet.   This decision is mainly based on the costs analysis of translating entirely local sites.... Read Publication