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Web Governance

Analyst: Nicolas Bürki   Issue:  What else than content maintenance functionality should the content editor interface provide to ensure overall site effectiveness?   Response    An effective Web site has two user interfaces, one for site visitors and one for content editors. Many companies spend enormous time and budget to maximize the visitors' experiences but neglect the content editor interface. However, the editor interface contributes as well to site effectiveness. To maximize overall site effectiveness, the content editor interface should not only provide content maintenance... Read Publication
Analyst: Nicolas Bürki   Issue:  What should be at least covered in Web governance?   Response:  Web governance should be defined prior site launch or at best prior site development. However, many companies operate Web sites without Web governance or define Web governance after site launch.   If Web governance is not defined, Web sites risk growing organically (again), decreasing site visitor experience and lowering return on investment (ROI).   Companies without Web governance should define at least the basic Web governance categories to secure current level of site visitor experience. In a... Read Publication
  Analyst: Nicolas Bürki   Issue: How to reduce development costs for individual brand Web sites while ensuring corporate Web strategy?   Response  There are various possibilities to reduce the annual recurring Web spending. However, most of them such as typically Web site consolidation or Web infrastructure homogenization result in large projects with significant investment and time to production.   For companies that are not yet ready for such investments or use different Web technologies or companies that want to reduce their Web spending with no technology investment should centralize and... Read Publication