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Web Analytics

Analyst: Nicolas Bürki   Issue: Can the usage of Web site analysis tools be a waste of time and resources?   Response  Web site analysis tools provide valuable insights into how site visitors like prospects, clients, partners or suppliers are using your Web site. However, exploiting the data of Web site analysis is time and resource intensive and calls for ongoing actions such as typically improving navigation structure or cross-linking pages.   Only Companies with allocated budget for continuous site improvements, measurable Web site objectives and dedicated Web resources (not just IT staff... Read Publication
Analyst: Nicolas Bürki   Issue: What are the pitfalls to avoid when starting to measure Web site performance using Web Site Analysis Tools?   Response:  Web site analysis tools can contribute to design decisions to improve visitors' online experience but also to inform site owners, business owners about the performance of their Web sites. However, in many cases, eBusiness Managers, Webmasters or Web operations managers, start deploying Web site analysis tools just as a 'nice to have' tool. Instead of measuring performance and comparing it to the business objectives, they mostly communicate... Read Publication