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Practical Planning Preview - Best Practices - Design Effective Home Pages

The home page of your Web site, is the most critical page. When your prospects, and customers arrive on your home page, they need to immediately find a link allowing them to start their scenario they came for. If your home page doesn’t provide such an entry, then they leave the site and you missed a business opportunity.


Benefit from our large experience in designing effective home pages by understanding how easily and at lowest costs, you can turn your home page into an effective entry portal for your site visitors to let them start navigating immediately your site instead of loosing straightforward.
Learn and understand, they questions and insights what your home page needs to provide. 
Discover how you can leverage your competitors’ home page to improve your home page (strategic alignment and strategic differentiation.
Table of contents
  • Begin By Asking Three Important Questions
  • Determine Your Competitor’s Web Strategy Based on Its Home Page
  • Use the Home Page Link Matrix to Track Competitor’s Web Strategy
  • Design Effective Home Page for Buyers without Neglecting other Site Visitors
  • Avoid Common Home Page Mistakes

About the author: Written by Nicolas Bürki, founder of an European usability consulting company, recognized online marketing and usability expert, who improved Web site ROI for many leading global companies and eCommerce sites.